Monday, April 21, 2014

Life At Random

Here are some random pictures I've collected over the last several months.  Some of the highlights include Megan's sleepover with her friend, our last skiing of the season, a visit from "Flat Stanley" from the states, Ben's new book that he wrote in his writing club (you can find it here), Ben's class ski trip to Davos, celebrating Easter up at the school, and the kids participating in "Book Day."

ZIS Talent Show

A week ago the kids participated in the talent show up at the international school.  The purpose of the show was to raise money for our sister school in Ghana.  Megan did a hip-hop dance with her friend Kate, and Ben and his friends played music from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here's Megan's performance.  The girls call themselves "The Hip-Hop Queens."  I had to change the music to some generic music, or else Youtube will pull the video because of copyright reasons (I've been down this road before.)  Anyway, you can still watch her bounce around on stage.  The girls did great.

Here's Ben's performance.  He and his friends Ritvik and Eddie played music from "The Pirates of the Caribbean" movie.  They spent several weeks with their music teacher preparing for it because it turns out the boys picked some music that contained notes they hadn't learned yet.  In the beginning the boys really struggled, but they kept rehearsing each week and over time they really improved.  Then when it was showtime they did great.