Thursday, May 12, 2016

Gymnastics season!

This spring Megan tried her hand at gymnastics.  She did a few meets around the area and really performed well.  She really enjoyed it.

Happy 12th birthday Ben!

Well it was birthday number 12 for Ben this year.  It's hard to believe our little guy is one year away from becoming a teenager.  This year he had some friends over for a sleepover, and they all went down to Detroit for some trampoline fun.

March Madness!

This spring both Megan and Ben played basketball.  Here are some of the highlights.

Spring Break in Orlando

For spring break this year we flew down to Orlando to soak up the sun and warmth.  We spent a day at Universal Studios, a day at Sea World, and a day at Discovery Cove.  On the tail end of the trip we drove west to Clearwater Beach just outside of Tampa Bay where the kids got to visit the famous Clearwater Aquarium and Rescue Center.