Friday, June 13, 2008

Atalaya Mountain

Friday afternoon Jenny had a spa treatment scheduled in town, so while she was relaxing and enjoying herself I decided to do a quick day hike just outside of town. So I chose Atalaya mountain, which overlooks Santa Fe. The whole hike was 4.6 miles, (2.3 one way), with a gain of 1600 feet. So it was a little steeper than I expected in some places. The peak was at 9100 feet, and I was rewarded with great views of the Rio Grande Valley, the city of Santa Fe, and the Jemez mountains off in the distance. It was a nice hike. The weather was absolutely perfect. 80 degrees and clear skies. I really enjoyed myself. My own kind of spa treatment.

Here are two videos I took from the hike. This one shows the view from the top.

And this one shows a "visitor" that gave me a good surprise. Jumped out right in front of me. He was obviously just as surprised as I was.

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walshjm54 said...

Just returned from my first visit to Santa Fe and my first ever climb of a mountain. Made the peak on Atalaya in about 90 minutes. It was exhilarating! Your pictures and video from the summit are great. It was a fun hike, not too difficult (for a flat-lander; I'm from Delaware), a good first climb.